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sexta-feira, 18 de setembro de 2009

Oxala In Umbanda represents the Orix

Oxala In Umbanda represents the Orix? associated? creates? the world and esp? cie human. It happens in two ways:
Pugnacious (mo? O);
Oxalufã (old).
The s? Symbol of the first? an id? (sword), the second? an esp? cie of metal rod, called "p? x "r". The color of pugnacious? white lightly mixed with blue, and he feels? only white. The sacred day for both? to Friday. His salute Murci? ½ p B? b?!. The Oxal? ? considered and revered as the largest and most respected of all the Orix? s Pante? the African. Symbolizes peace? the largest in our father's? es in Religion? the African. ? calm, serene, peace,? the creator, so respected by all Orix? are all in? es. The Oxal? belongs to the eyes that see? at all. Oxal? is in Umbanda or Candomblé? ? same Orix?. What changes to the Umbanda and Candomble? in relation? to the Orix's " how to manifest? the (incorporates? the) tract, symbols and settlements, clothing, pictures etc.. Why? M, ess o clock the Orix? ? the same. In some forms of Umbanda Oxal? ? syncretized with Jesus Christ. This syncretism? a heran? of the acculturation suffered by blacks during the per payout colonial. An associate? The moment is? Ada by Jesu? Tas levy on? Of f? Crist?, Now a s? Symbol of resist o clock where the image of the Holy Cat? Liqueur, if the Orix worshiped? S Africans (so the dates of the celebrations of Orix's, coincide with the Saints Cat? Licos). The levy? OAS pr? Pria resist o clock ended up turning pr? Popular policies. Images Saints Cat? Licos be confused with those of Orix's, n? Is knowing where to eat? One, and where the other ends. Why? M, inside the yard, the sound of the drums, you at? have the image of the Saints, but who embodies s? to the Orix? s. Can sing points where one hears the name of S? Jorge, for example, but who rides the "horse"? Ogun. Nowadays many terraces come down leaving the images Cat? Beverages and worshiping the Orix? S based on its elements, such as:? Waters of Oshun, Ogun Iron, Ot? (stone) of Xang?. Or using the settlements, where there? placed part of the ess o clock the m? dium and part of ess o clock the Orix?.

Throne natural F? First reason? The movement of the universe, field acts? The first ruling of human religiosity, or Cren? That t? M for positivism. Elemental crystalline in nature, whose presence? To be found in all the other vibrates? Of order based on divine. Ancient texts j? has the name Christ as crystal, or crystalline, and that refer o clock all the masters of light that come from? born in math? ria to guide humanity. Its waves magnetists awaken? Practice in humans, that is the basis of religion? Es, some of these waves arrive at? our eyes cross which made them? symbol of the cross that to be left as refer o clock by our Master Christ

Emidio de Ogum

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